Happy Birthday San!

I wasn’t for sure on what to get you, so I just grabbed some random things. I hope you like the bracelet, and everything else Santana!



Ps. we need a girls night!

what… no sex toys?! ugh this sucks.. I guess.. these gifts will just have to do. lol I’m kidding thank you Marley.. I love all this!

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Happy Birthday Santana! I know its not much, and its kind of boring. Since its me. Anyways, I looked around the house and then I went to the store. Long story short, I gotten you this.

Also, Sarah helped me with this too. She said that she wanted to give you something awesome. Whatever that means, but here you go. I hope you like it.

-Love you


awww thank you Noah and give your sister a hug for me. I love the gifts.

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Happy Birthday :) enjoy
- niazha16

Aww thank you babe!


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Happy Birthday Santana!!!!!! I hope you get turnt up!
- yourallstarchristy

Thank you Christy!!! Oh trust me I will!


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OOC: nooooo Chris gift though... I'm sobbing!
- yourallstarchristy

OOC: I know!!!! I wasn’t expecting that at all! and then Kym was like “I just wanna say I’m sorry ahead of time” and I was like what the hell is she talking about. So I go look and I see two gifts and first I see Mercedes’ gift and I’m like awwwww how sweetttt and then I go down and BAM! hit with feels and I just started to cry and I DON’T CRY! lol  and if Kym ever calls me evil again I will remind her ass of this moment!  lol

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Shit :( that Chris one..
- niazha16

OOC: girlllll I know! Like I sobbed like a damn baby! I BLAME KYM FOR THIS! lol

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Birthday from: Chris


I know what you’re gonna say. I shouldnt have or that I need to leave you alone and I will, trust me. After today, you’ll never have to hear from me again. But it’s your birthday and if I sit with this in my house for another year, I’ll never get over what we had. It’s your birthstone and you can burn this thing if you want, throw it away, whatever but I want you to know that a piece of me is always gonna belong to you. I’ve come to terms with that. I fought it for so long, trying to pretend like the entire time I wasnt still in love with you but I was. When I was with Bee, I loved you. When I found out about the abortion, I loved you. Hell, even now, I love you. There, I said it. And it’s selfish of me to do this to you but I love you San. I will always love you. Period. We just werent meant to be I guess. Just know that everyday I think about you and hope you meet the right guy for you. Because you deserve every bit of love in the world. You deserve joy and happiness and you deserve to smile until your cheeks hurt. You deserve everything I couldnt give you… anyways. Happy Birthday. P.S. Dont be mad at Charice, she let me into your room just to give this to you. Love all the red. It fits you… I hope you have a great day and get everything good you deserve in life.

From Chris.


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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
- blondie19851989



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This making me cry look at this such beautiful moments
- niazha16

OOC: awwww don’t cry!!! But her friends are making her really emtional right now. lol

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Left in Locker

Hey! It’s your birthday! Remember when we both said that the minute one of us turn 18 we were going to the store and buy every single pack of cigarettes and throw it in the Lima River?! lol Well it’s time! lol 

Just so you know I did NOT get you any of these gifts, I suck a buying gifts for girls.. just ask Brittany, Mercedes and Stephanie… maybe don’t ask Stephanie…  anyways, my mom picked out these gifts, so if you don’t like them.. then yell at her. lol

BUT! I did do something a little special for you though. I feel like I am better at making something artistic for my friends then actually buying them gifts. lol I hope you like it.

you can hang this above your bed… I love you Santana and I know you and I always seem to bump heads because we are so much alike but I honestly don’t know what I would do without you. I learned from losing Trina that life is so short and that we must cherish the few best friends that we do have. I will always cherish you and what friendship that we have forever and always. I hope you have an awesome birthday.

Love always


Aww Sam… lol I kind of figured you didn’t get the gifts. But I do love them so give your mom a hug for me…. but this drawing is amazing and I love it! This is totally going above my bed.  Thank you Sammy!

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  Sam  Gifts  submission

Left on the table

Hey Tana,

I’m sorry I haven’t really been in touch… something about having a baby can take a lot out of you… but um.. I didn’t forget your birthday. I actually got this last month.. Anyways I had my dad drop this off with Charice.. I hope you like your gifts. I just wanna say thank you for being the best friend that a girl could ever ask for. I love you and Happy Birthday.

PS: I hope you like the picture frame.. I did this a while back but never gave it to you or Mercedes. I know that we got to meet new friends such a Marley and even gotten close to a very closed off Tina.. but nobody could ever understand the friendship and bond that you, Mercedes and I share.  

Love Always


Aww Thank you so much Bubbles! and I understand you have a beautiful baby girl.  You and Mercedes really knows how to make the toughest bitch cry. Oh my god love those heels though lol.  Love you blondie

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Okay first off, happy birthday!!! I cant believe it. You’re the first one out of us girls to hit the big 1-8. You, can now legally vote. Not that you care lol. But I love you Tana. You’re my best friend and even though we fight like sisters we love like them too. I guess that’s what you are. You’re my sister. You get under my skin, you drive me crazy and you are the most loyal person I have ever met, even when I cant return the favor, you’re still there. I love you and I hope you have a great birthday! P.S. Save that dress, wear it out when we have a girls night. (hopefully soon!) Love you!

- Cedes <3

you know I should really hate you for making me cry on my birthday.. but because I love you and your like my sister from another mister.. I will let this slide… I love you Cedes.

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